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Convert to Jakarta EE 8 specification APIs


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      This is a top-level task for moving WildFly to specification API artifacts associated with Jakarta EE 8.

      The Jakarta EE 8 spec APIs are meant to be fully compatible with their Java EE 8 analogues, so this is not expected to result in runtime behavioral differences.

      I don't anticipate code changes specific to this top level task. Instead changes will be associated with other issues linked to this one.

      The overall goal is to use API jars that either directly come from the Jakarta EE projects, or that use code closely based on those projects; i.e. that are forks derived from the Jakarta EE code that incorporate jboss.org specific changes and whose maintainers monitor the Jakarta EE projects and bring over needed changes and contribute any relevant jboss.org changes back.

      For each JBoss specification API fork that existed in EAP 7.2, a designated owner for that API jar has been determined. The task for each owner consists of:

      1. Create/update a jboss.org Jakarta fork.
      2. Track work on that fork via issues in the https://issues.jboss.org/projects/JBEE JIRA project. If there is a high-level issue for that fork, the component owner should link it to this issue via a 'relates to' link.
      3. For the fork, the component owner must create a WFLY or WFCORE JIRA to track the change of the WildFly code to use the Jarkarta EE based artifact. That can either be a subtask of this task, or a separate issue linked to this once such that that issue is 'incorporated by' this one. That JIRA should have priority 'Critical' and should have its Fix Version set to 18.0.0.Final or 10.0.0.Final for WFCORE.

      Generally, WildFly and WildFly Core do not accept non-Final artifacts into their master branch. For projects that we are forking from the Jakarta EE projects, we are making an exception to this rule:

      Once a Jakarta API project has made a staging release and submitted the specification for formal approval, it is acceptable for the jboss.org fork of that project to produce a CR release based on the code in that staged release and ask that it be incorporated into master.

      In fact, doing this is strongly encouraged as it allows us to further verify the fork.

      Once the staged release is approved, the component owner must as soon as possible (e.g. the next working day) produce a .Final artifact from the fork and submit a component upgrade PR.

      For artifacts that will not involve a fork (e.g. JPA), the component owner should plan to file a PR moving to the Jakarta artifact (e.g. jakarta.persistence:jakarta.persistence-api) as soon as the official version after Jakarta is available in maven central (after Jakarta EE 8 final release).

      Following are the relevant APIs, organized by the maven GA of the artifact produced by the Jakarta project, along with the 'owner' of that component:

      API Owner
      jakarta.annotation:jakarta.annotation-api Yeray Borges
      jakarta.batch:jakarta.batch-api Cheng Fang
      jakarta.ejb:jakarta.ejb-api Cheng Fang/Tomasz Adamski
      jakarta.el:jakarta.el-api Scott Marlow
      jakarta.enterprise.concurrent:jakarta.enterprise.concurrent-api Eduardo Martins
      jakarta.faces:jakarta.faces-api Farah Juma
      jakarta.interceptor:jakarta.interceptor-api Yeray Borges
      jakarta.jms:jakarta.jms-api Emmanuel Hugonnet
      jakarta.management.j2ee:jakarta.management.j2ee-api Jeff Mesnil
      jakarta.resource:jakarta.resource-api Stefano Maestri
      jakarta.security.auth.message:jakarta.security.auth.message-api Darran Lofthouse / Farah Juma
      jakarta.security.jacc:jakarta.security.jacc-api Darran Lofthouse / Farah Juma
      jakarta.servlet:jakarta.servlet-api Flavia Rainone
      jakarta.servlet.jsp:jakarta.servlet.jsp-api Flavia Rainone
      jakarta.transaction:jakarta.transaction-api Tom Jenkinson
      jakarta.websocket:jakarta.websocket-all Flavia Rainone
      jakarta.ws.rs:jakarta.ws.rs-api Ron Sigal
      jakarta.xml.bind:jakarta.xml.bind-api Jim Ma
      jakarta.xml.rpc:jakarta.xml.rpc-api Jim Ma
      jakarta.xml.soap:jakarta.xml.soap-api Jim Ma
      jakarta.xml.ws:jakarta.xml.ws-api Jim Ma

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