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Deal with WFCORE-1052 functionality in the HA DC case


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      WFCORE-1052 adds the ability to reload a process to a different config file from what it is currently running. That includes the domain-wide config file if the reloading process is a master HC.

      I don't think we want to support this in a WFCORE-338 scenario, as it amounts to a mechanism to force a different domain-wide config into the domain. I think we should have a more specific, controlled mechanism for that.

      Once WFCORE-1881 is implemented HostProcessReloadHandler can check LocalHostControllerInfo to see if its running in a CDC. Note that this issue may have implications on the design of WFCORE-1881. That is, it may not be the case that if LHCI.isMaster() is true then LHCI.isCandidateDomainController() is true. Perhaps an HC configured in the EAP 7.0 and earlier style could be a master but not a CDC. For such an HC the WFCORE-1052 functionality could be available.

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