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Ensure Distributed Tracing Works on HyperShift Hosted Clusters


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    • Ensure Distributed Tracing Works on HyperShift Hosted Clusters
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    • OCPSTRAT-605Ensure compatibility of layered operators for HyperShift
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      Epic Goal

      To ensure OpenShift Distributed Tracing can be deployed, managed, and utilized effectively within HyperShift hosted OpenShift clusters.

      Why is this important?

      OpenShift Distributed Tracing provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and debugging microservices-based applications by capturing and analyzing traces across distributed systems. As HyperShift gains popularity as a cost-effective and portable OpenShift form factor, it becomes crucial to ensure that Distributed Tracing, like other components, is fully functional in this environment. This will enable users to leverage the benefits of distributed tracing within HyperShift hosted OpenShift clusters for efficient troubleshooting, performance optimization, and observability of their microservices architectures.


      1. Deploying the Distributed Tracing operator on a HyperShift hosted OpenShift cluster.
      2. Capturing and analyzing distributed traces for monitoring and debugging microservices within the HyperShift environment.

      Acceptance Criteria (Mandatory)

      1. Distributed Tracing operator can be successfully deployed on a HyperShift hosted OpenShift cluster.
      2. CI pipeline is established and running successfully with automated tests covering all the mentioned scenarios.
      3. Distributed traces can be captur

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