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Ensure compatibility of layered operators for HyperShift


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      Feature Overview

      Hosted Control Planes (aka HyperShift) is an OpenShift form factor that optimizes for cost and time-to-provision as well as portability cross-cloud with a strong separation of concerns between management and workloads(for more information about HyperShift, check [1]). While HyperShift is OpenShift, it is still a different technical architecture, as a result, it becomes achieves functional parity with existing standalone OpenShift architecture and part of this effort is to ensure that HyperShift deployed OpenShift is compatible with existing layered operators. 

      Main Story 

      When deploying and life cycling OpenShift clusters with Hosted Control Planes (aka HyperShift), I want to deploy any supported OpenShift layered operator to fully utilize OpenShift value-add.


      • Important layered operators are supported first (operators included in OKE/OCP/OPP)
      • All other layered operators should be qualified on HyperShift by their respective teams


      The compatibility of all layered operators is documented in [2]. Also results of operator using RBAC to read/write to MachineConfig/MachineConfigPool thanks to the operator framework team.


      1. https://issues.redhat.com/browse/OCPPLAN-5771 
      2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_1cCwMpu8gtZOjeIFiXAupBZMoNCRl8tw18wXZtJF7I/edit#gid=0 

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