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[3scale][2.11][HI-prio] Add 'Create new Application' flow to Product > Applications index: Part 1




      User Story

      As an API Provider, when I want to create a new Application, I want to find a CTA in the most relevant places of the UI.


      Everything that is explained in the mockups, plus:

      • 'Account' select details:
        • typeahead
        • 20 most recently created {items} displayed in the dropdown menu (sorted by most recent)
        • If the sum of all {items} available is higher than 20, display link button to "View all {items}"
        • When "View all {items}" is clicked, open a modal dialog that includes a paginated table listing all {items}
          • display 5 {items} per page
          • sort table by last updated by default
          • make table filterable by {item} name
      • When 'Application plan' select is clicked, display all Application plans for the selected Product in the dropdown menu (sort them alphabetically)
      • If no Application plan exists for the selected product:
        • disable the select
        • and display an inline warning text with following copy: "An Application needs to subscribe to a Product's Application plan, and no Application plans exist for the selected Product. Create a new Application plan", where the "Create a new Application plan" portion of the text is a link to the {Product} > Applications > Application plans > Create Application plan page
      • If Service plans are enabled,
        • If the Account already subscribes to one of the selected Product’s Service plans:
          • disable the input field and display the name of the Service plan the Account is currently subscribing to
          • add a helper text with the following copy: "This Account already subscribes to the selected Product’s Service plan. If you want this Account to subscribe to a different Service plan for this Product go to Service subscriptions", where the "Service subscriptions" portion of the text is a link to the Audience > Accounts > Accounts index > {Account} > Service subscriptions page
        • If the Account does not subscribe to any of the selected Product’s Service plans yet:
          • the input field will be enabled and will be a typeahead select, displaying all Service plans for the selected Product in the dropdown menu (sort them alphabetically)
          • add a helper text with the following copy: "In order to subscribe the Application to a Product’s Application plan, this Account needs to subscribe to a Product’s Service plan.”


      • Path: Products > Product > Applications > Listing
      • Marvel

      Acceptance Criteria

      • All requirements have been implemented


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