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Account search in create application forms returns only few records


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      When creating a new application, an account search doesn't work. If there are many accounts and customers want to search for an account only a few records are returned. For example, about 300 accounts with the same base like "user" and different suffix are present, but search returns only  few of then when searching for base "user" word.

      Some possible issues with sphinx searching that could apply to this bug.

      config/thinkingsphinx.yml contains the default sphinx configuration.
      thinkingsphinx (v5.3) is the client.
      charset_table defines what characters we accept
      min_infix_len defines minimum word-length that will be indexed

      custom configuration, found in app/indices/account_index.rb, overrides the default configuration.

      asynchronous indexing

      see index_account, SphinxIndexationWorker.perform_later(self) unless master?
      After save, we enqueue the indexation to sideqik jobs

      Sideqik could thus be the source of sphinx issues. For example, it could be that sideqik was down, or there was an error in sideqik, or the job wasn't finished, etc.

      If there is another problem not covered by the previous two points, we need to check sphinx configuration documentation for the relevant version of sphinx server.

      If sideqik is the source of the issue, this is not a blocker for the customer. For QE, yes?
      Note: we should have something for QE so they can process all the jobs at once for testing purposes - some method to use in their tests so that we/they can be sure that the problem is not sideqik.

      See also other open sphinx issues

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