Teiid Designer is an Eclipse application. We've gotten lots of feedback that the workflow is based on a developer paradigm and not necessarily a data-source/data-service paradigm.

      The Model Explorer/Tree view + Properties View + Description View paired up with the Diagram and Table Editor pages do not provide a coherent UI for editing models. Users are required to select an object in the tree or diagram in order to find out what actions are available for that object, whether a Model or a model child (table, view, column, etc.)

      One solution is to create a Model Editor page/tab which provides a more model-centric approach to editing a model and providing such actions.

      The attached screen cap shows an initial approach which displays a tree view of the model contents and associated Actions, Properties and Description editor tabs which allow managing the majority of the workflow actions and steps.

      Prototype KIT is available at:

        Gliffy Diagrams


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          2. create-data-service-dialog.png
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          3. Designer 11.1 New Features.pdf
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