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Designer haven't set password to datasource which is created before preview.


      1. Stop server
      2. Import from any database via JDBC
      3. Start server
      4. preview data

      I generated source model from a database (SQL Server) via JDBC. When I go through wizard I haven't started server so the data source haven't been set (screenshot1). I started a server and I wanted to preview data, shows me dialog (TEIIDDES-2904) if I had wanted to create DS. I clicked yes and ok but server shows error:

      org.teiid.runtime.client.TeiidClientException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Remote org.teiid.api.exception.query.QueryPlannerException: TEIID30498 Capabilities for SQL_Server_2008_Books were not available.  The command could not be planned properly.

      I tried to create the data source (with the same name) manually but the error is still there TEIIDDES-2950. I had to delete data source from the server and create it again or set another name of the datasource.
      I deleted datasource.
      When I generated a model from a database via JDBC again (but a server was running) and I checked Auto-create Data Source (screenshot2), preview worked fine.

      So I notice that datasource haven't set a password when DS is created before the preview.
      I looked to standalone.xml
      Datasource which is created before preview:

      datasource jndi-name="java:/SQL_Server_2008_Books_DS" pool-name="SQL_Server_2008_Books_DS" enabled="true">
                          <connection-url>connection url</connection-url>

      Datasource which is created in the import wizard:

      <datasource jndi-name="java:/SQL_Server_2008_Books_DS" pool-name="SQL_Server_2008_Books_DS" enabled="true">
                          <connection-url>connection url</connection-url>

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