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Update snapshot operator for HyperShift



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      As HyperShift Cluster Instance Admin, I want to run cluster-csi-snapshot-controller-operator in the management cluster, so the guest cluster runs just my applications.

      • Add a new cmdline option for the guest cluster kubeconfig file location
      • Parse both kubeconfigs:
        • One from projected service account, which leads to the management cluster.
        • Second from the new cmdline option introduced above. This one leads to the guest cluster.
      • Move creation of manifests/08_webhook_service.yaml from CVO to the operator - it needs to be created in the management cluster.
      • Tag manifests of objects that should not be deployed by CVO in HyperShift by
      • Only on HyperShift:
        • When interacting with Kubernetes API, carefully choose the right kubeconfig to watch / create / update objects in the right cluster.
        • Replace namespaces in all Deployments and other objects that are created in the management cluster. They must be created in the same namespace as the operator.
        • Don’t create operand’s PodDisruptionBudget?
        • Update ValidationWebhookConfiguration to point directly to URL exposed by manifests/08_webhook_service.yaml instead of a Service. The Service is not available in the guest cluster.
        • Pass only the guest kubeconfig to the operands (both the webhook and csi-snapshot-controller).
        • Update unit tests to handle two kube clients.

      Exit criteria:

      • cluster-csi-snapshot-controller-operator runs in the management cluster in HyperShift
      • csi-snapshot-controller runs in the management cluster in HyperShift
      • It is possible to take & restore volume snapshot in the guest cluster.
      • No regressions in standalone OCP.


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