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OCP feature gate for VolumeGroupSnapshot API


    • OCP feature gate for VolumeGroupSnapshot API
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    • OCPSTRAT-1093 - Support for VolumeGroup Snapshots (TP)
    • OCPSTRAT-1093Support for VolumeGroup Snapshots (TP)
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      Epic Goal*

      Create an OCP feature gate that allows customers and parterns to  VolumeGroupSnapshot feature while the feature is in alpha & beta upstream.

      Why is this important? (mandatory)

      Volume group snapshot is an important feature for ODF, OCP virt and backup partners. It requires driver support so partners need early access to the feature to confirm their driver works as expected before GA. The same applies to backup partners.

      Scenarios (mandatory) 

      Provide details for user scenarios including actions to be performed, platform specifications, and user personas.  

      1. As a storage vendor I want to have early access to the VolumeGroupSnapshot feature to test and validate my driver support.
      2. As a backup vendor I want to have early access to the VolumeGroupSnapshot feature to test and validate my backup solution.

      Dependencies (internal and external) (mandatory)

      This depends on the driver's support, the feature gate will enable it in the drivers that support it (OCP shipped drivers).

      The feature gate should

      • Configure the snapshotter to start with the right parameter to enable VolumeGroupSnapshot 
      • Create the necessary CRDs
      • Configure the OCP shipped CSI driver


      Contributing Teams(and contacts) (mandatory) 

      Our expectation is that teams would modify the list below to fit the epic. Some epics may not need all the default groups but what is included here should accurately reflect who will be involved in delivering the epic.

      • Development - STOR
      • Documentation - N/A
      • QE - STOR
      • PX - 
      • Others -

      Acceptance Criteria (optional)

      By enabling the feature gate partners should be able to use the VolumeGroupSnapshot API. Non OCP shipped drivers may need to be configured.

      Drawbacks or Risk (optional)

      Reasons we should consider NOT doing this such as: limited audience for the feature, feature will be superseded by other work that is planned, resulting feature will introduce substantial administrative complexity or user confusion, etc.

      Done - Checklist (mandatory)

      The following points apply to all epics and are what the OpenShift team believes are the minimum set of criteria that epics should meet for us to consider them potentially shippable. We request that epic owners modify this list to reflect the work to be completed in order to produce something that is potentially shippable.

      • CI Testing -  Basic e2e automationTests are merged and completing successfully
      • Documentation - Content development is complete.
      • QE - Test scenarios are written and executed successfully.
      • Technical Enablement - Slides are complete (if requested by PLM)
      • Engineering Stories Merged
      • All associated work items with the Epic are closed
      • Epic status should be “Release Pending” 

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