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Support for VolumeGroup Snapshots (TP)


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      Feature Overview (aka. Goal Summary)

      Volume Group Snapshots is a key new Kubernetes storage feature that allows multiple PVs to be grouped together and snapshotted at the same time. This enables customers to takes consistent snapshots of applications that span across multiple PVs.

      This is also a key requirement for backup and DR solutions.



      Goals (aka. expected user outcomes)

      Productise the volume group snapshots feature as tech preview have docs, testing as well as a feature gate to enable it in order for customers and partners to test it in advance.

      Requirements (aka. Acceptance Criteria):

      The feature should be graduated beta upstream to become TP in OCP. Tests and CI must pass and a feature gate should allow customers and partners to easily enable it. We should identify all OCP shipped CSI drivers that support this feature and configure them accordingly.

      Use Cases (Optional):


      1. As a storage vendor I want to have early access to the VolumeGroupSnapshot feature to test and validate my driver support.
      2. As a backup vendor I want to have early access to the VolumeGroupSnapshot feature to test and validate my backup solution.
      3. As a customer I want early access to test the VolumeGroupSnapshot feature in order to take consistent snapshots of my workloads that are relying on multiple PVs.

      Out of Scope

      CSI drivers development/support of this feature.


      Provide any additional context is needed to frame the feature. Initial completion during Refinement status.

      Customer Considerations

      Drivers must support this feature and enable it. Partners may need to change their operator and/or doc to support it.

      Documentation Considerations

      Document how to enable the feature, what this feature does and how to use it. Update the OCP driver's table to include this capability.

      Interoperability Considerations

      Can be leveraged by ODF and OCP virt, especially around backup and DR scenarios.

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