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[aws][wavelength] Create support in installer to install with BYO VPC in WLZ (Day-0)

    • Sprint 243

      • The Installer will be able to deploy OpenShift on the public region into an existing VPC with compute nodes on AWS Wavelength Zones into an existing subnet.

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      As an OpenShift adminstrator, I would like to manage my own network including Wavelength subnets, then deploy OpenShift, so I can quickly extend an OpenShift cluster to RAN locations allowing the developers to delivery applications into RAN zones taking advantage of deliver ultra-low applications to the end-users.





      • Installer change to support Wavelength zone type
      • CloudFormation templates to allow users to deploy
      • Documentation explainging how to consume the CloudFormation templates

      {}Nice to have:{}



      • Installer PR merged
      • CI jobs created and tested in the PR



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