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Process Designer morphing issues


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      These are the identified issues:

      • it is possible to morph from a sub-process into a certain task type, but it is not possible to morph back to a sub-process.
      • The idea is to be able to:
        • Morph between task types and re-usable subprocesses
        • Morph between embedded and ad-hoc subprocesses
      • It also exist a blocker issue when trying to morph an embedded sub-process into a task - it appears an exception and the diagram is not successfully updated
      • If you morph the subprocess with content, the content is hidden after morph, you have to reopen the process to see the content again
        • For example, morph embedded subprocess to multiple instance subprocess, use process like shown below

            tdolphin-1 Tiago Dolphine
            kgaevski@redhat.com Kirill Gaevskii
            Kirill Gaevskii Kirill Gaevskii
            Kirill Gaevskii Kirill Gaevskii
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