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Unable to change the value of GC_MAX_METASPACE_SIZE parameter when running RHPAM/RHDM on Openshift


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    • 7.7.0.GA
    • 7.3.0.GA
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      • Red Hat Process Automation Manager (RHPAM) 7.3
      • Red Hat Openshift (Openshift) 3.11
    • 2020 Week 04-06 (from Jan 20)

      • GC_MAX_METASPACE_SIZE parameter is stuck to 1024m although it's value is changed in the deployment config file;

      Looking at the code, it seems that RHPAM image is using WORKBENCH_MAX_METASPACE_SIZE instead of GC_MAX_METASPACE_SIZE.

      On lines 5073 and 5185, the gc_config functions are called which configure the JVM Metaspace size:


      $ grep -n gc_config log-SCRIPT_DEBUG\=true.log
      5073:+++++ gc_config
      5185:++++++ gc_config


      However, before those are called, the jboss kie workbench functions are called which override the GC_MAX_METASPACE_SIZE:


      $ grep -n jboss-kie-workbench.sh log-SCRIPT_DEBUG\=true.log
      3733:++ executeModule /opt/eap/bin/launch/jboss-kie-workbench.sh configure
      3734:++ source /opt/eap/bin/launch/jboss-kie-workbench.sh
      4690:++ executeModule /opt/eap/bin/launch/jboss-kie-workbench.sh postConfigure
      4691:++ source /opt/eap/bin/launch/jboss-kie-workbench.sh


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