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KieServer Scale-Up-From-Zero lifecycle hooks logic broken at (7.7)


    • 2020 Week 04-06 (from Jan 20)

      During the diagnosis and investigation of issue RHPAM-2634, identified an issue of breaking existing functionalities at 7.7 candidate image. (Works as expected using 7.6GA image)

      When KieServer DC scaling up from zero, (Replicas > 0), a 'curl' command will notify BC for new live instance of KieServer. (See the following hooks scripts)

      Captured the following error log from BC

      [0m�[33m19:22:30,408 WARN [org.kie.server.controller.impl.KieServerControllerImpl] (default task-46) Server id example-kieserver capabilities expected [] but there was [PROCESS, RULE, PLANNING] �[0m�[33m19:22:30,408 WARN [org.kie.server.controller.rest.RestKieServerControllerImpl] (default task-46) Server with id 'example-kieserver' failed to connect

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            evan.zhang@redhat.com Evan Zhang (Inactive)
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