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Stunner - Users cannot find the properties menu unless it's pointed out to them



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    • 2019 Week 41-43 (from Okt 7), 2019 Week 44-46 (from Okt 28), 2019 Week 47-49 (from Nov 18), 2019 Week 50-52 (from Dec 9)


      When running the case management workshop, even after walking customers through the process designer, they are unable to locate the properties menu. They tend to hover of most of the icons, but remain frustrated as they still cannot locate the menu. A lot of them seem to think this menu should be shown be default. (I think more testing is needed to determine that fact)

      This is true with both the legacy editor and Stunner.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Open the Properties panel by default when opening Stunner editors: "Business Process", "Case Management" and "Case Definition"
        • DMN editor is out of scope of this jira and it is tracked by DROOLS-4772
      • Change the name of the panel to "Properties"
      • A tooltip text for the Properties panel is always "Properties"
        • This can be improved in next releases and it is tracked by JBPM-8904


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