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Reliance on on-cluster registry for disconnected deployments.


    • RHODS 1.29

      Description of problem:

      In disconnected RHODS deployments, customers will have to mirror all their images to their mirror registry. 

      For the notebooks, we also require the cluster to have its own on-board registry. This creates more work and effort, and could probably be alleviated if we would let the customer use their mirror as the only registry needed. 

      Prerequisites (if any, like setup, operators/versions):

      OCP 4.12

      Steps to Reproduce


      1. Deploy an OCP 4.12. Disable the internal registry with operator set as "Removed" or in platforms documented in https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/4.12/registry/configuring-registry-operator.html#registry-removed_configuring-registry-operator
      2. Deploy RHODS through OLM
      3. Try to instanciate a jupyter notebook with the default images

        Actual results:

      Deployment get stuck at 96% because image cannot be stored in the local registry. The behaviour documented in https://access.redhat.com/solutions/6993520

      Expected results:

      Notebook ready to be used.

      Reproducibility (Always/Intermittent/Only Once):


      Build Details:


      Creating custom images with the same reference, as custom images are using source policy and are not stored at the local registry.

      Additional info:

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