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      Description of problem:

      Various little things related to Model Serving.


      In this screen:
      I should be allowed to set zero replicas.
      This would be my way to stop my model from being served,
      without actually deleting anything. 

      ✅ Done


      In this screen:
      • I can't click "configure" unless the limit is higher than the request.
        There is no reason for this arbitrary check.
        It's quite common to set the same value for both. 
      • Units are not displayed, nor can they be changed. 
      • Decimal values (0.5 cores, or 500 milicores aka 500m) are not enterable.

      ✅ Done


      In this screen, is there a reason why "bucket" is not mandatory?

      Not done, bucket is not mandatory for regular data connections since it will get the default one, we are in talks of having a  extra section to override the bucket if missing, it's already in talks in the ux mockups



      Also, clicking the "add data connection button"
      ends-up pre-filling the next screen: 
      Not a terrible thing, but I'm not sure it was intended.
      It no longer happens after I reload the page. 

      ✅ Done


      This UI is confusing:
      and finally:
      It took me a long time to realize why nothing was happening. Eventually I realized the button (deploy model) was not the same anymore.  
      Also, it seems I can only have Model Server (called ovms, for some reason). So why do I need to create it? If that's the way it is, it could be pre-created. But in this page, each section can have multiple lines. This is the only section that can't. 

      ✅ Done



      It seems the word "model" is missing here? 

      ✅ Done



      Prerequisites (if any, like setup, operators/versions):

      Steps to Reproduce

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      Actual results:

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      Build Details:

      based on pre-prod 1.20. 
      1.20.0-rhods-5811 to be more precise. I'll re-check with the real 1.20 when it comes out.
       I'll re-check with the real 1.20 when it comes out.



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