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Backport x-gvfs-notrash functionality

    • gvfs-1.36.2-16.el8
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      In enterprise environments where a RHEL 8.7 workstation uses autofs with hundreds or thousands of
      NFS shares in the back-end, unresponsive or misbehaving shares can cause serious impact to applications
      relying on gvfsd-trash.

      Symptoms seen on users desktop:

      (1) Trash and home icon not shown on the desktop (requires desktop extension in use)
      (2) The lock-screen can hang forever so a user is trapped there.

      This symptoms could be narrowed down to gvfsd-trash (gvfs-1.36.2-14.el8.x86_64), which seem struggling
      when facing non-responsive or misbehaving NFS endpoints (even if they are not actively mounted but
      recognized by autofs).

      Killing the gvfsd-trash causes the screen to unlock immediately and icons are operational again.

      This bugzilla is meant to enhance resilience of gvfsd with following thoughts:

      (A) gvfsd-trash should only check / stat NFS shares if it is really required
      -> Reduce or disable proactive NFS endpoint lookup (for no reason)

      (B) gvfsd-trash should answer application requests even when there are unresponsive NFS shares
      -> This should only return responsive endpoints, to keep applications unaffected and break the
      issue chain.

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