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Document "Allow storing and querying of structured logs (JSON)"


    • devex docs #200 Apr 15-May 6, devex docs #205 Jul 29-Aug 19
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      • Document syntax to the new fields inside the API.
      • Document behaviour using this feature for 1) what happens in Fluentd and 2) what happens in Elasticsearch.
      • Document ES index management for JSON logs. Specifically that we manage rollover through the application source. So if you configure a rollover policy for your application source it applies to all "new" indices since we manage it through the app-* alias.
      • Document how you use default store in combination with the Log Forwarding API and the JSON configuration as part of it.
      • Document the limitations to this feature (e.g. nested JSON objects, too many field type variations, etc.) so that users understand implications.

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