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Reconcile private and publicandprivate changes to AWSEndpointAccessType for deployed clusters


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    • Hypershift Sprint 16

      The "HostedCluster" CR provides "AWSEndpointAccessType" with options

      • Private
      • PublicAndPrivate

      The "AWSEndpointAccessType" attribute is configured at installation time and any changes to this attribute post-installation are not reflected in reality.

      This is a request to change the behavior of "AWSEndpointAccessType" changes, and to continuously reconcile these changes. This would allow customers to be able to, e.g., migrate between "Private" -> "PublicAndPrivate".

      This is a current use case that ROSA has and customers use. For our needs in ROSA, we would only need reconciliation between "Private" and "PublicAndPrivate".

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