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oc mirror usability enhancements


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      Epic Goal

      • Usability optimizations and enhancements

      Why is this important?

      • oc mirror is introduced as GA in OCP since 4.11 but some of the UX is still a little clunky
      • better integration with OSUS is needed, the setup is quite disjointed and manual today


      1. Customers can use the oc utility on a host with the mirror registry for OpenShift 
      2. Customers can get their credentials validated upfront to fail early
      3. The oc utility supports mirroring all common OpenShift CLI utilities
      4. Customers get the right out-of-the-box configuration for using OSUS with their disconnected mirror

      Acceptance Criteria

      • oc subcommand creates cincinnati manifest needed for OSUS and the release sig configmap
      • oc subcommand mirrors by default all common CLI tools are also mirrored: oc, openshift-install, opm, helm, openshift-mirror-registry
      • oc subcommand by default assumes a local, trusted, TLS-secured registry available at the public host name of machine it is executed on so that it targets a local registry by default, using a default value for the registry
        • a locally available registry on port 443
        • the OCP release version is the version of the oc utility
        • the release architecture is the architecture of the oc binary, otherwise x86_64 is the default - in-progress, partially accommodated

      Previous Work:

      1. WRKLDS-441
      2. Disconnected Mirroring Improvement Proposal

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