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Improving onboarding for Multicluster users


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    • Improving onboarding for Multicluster users
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      The goal of this epic is to outline and track the different efforts that are in flight to improve the experience for a multicluster user.
      This will cover the onboarding for a user via different channels (operator hub, assisted installer, Agent installer, etc).

      With the cluster lifecycle work being broken out of ACM into a separate operator (multicluster engine) it created an opportunity to think of this experience from the onboarding perspective. We want to question the ease in which a customer can start creating clusters quickly and what could possibly block them in the flow as it stands today.

      As a first time user I should be able to easily understand that multicluster creation is available to me via the OpenShift entitlement.
      I should be able to easily onboard to this experience.
      I should be able to easily understand when/how I would upgrade my experience to Advanced Cluster Management

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      Story deck for improving Multicluster onboarding

      Cluster 0 to cluster fleet

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