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status: remove ClusterVersion condition information from the top of the output


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      In https://github.com/openshift/oc/pull/1554 we scaffolded the status command with existing CVO condition message. We should stop printing this message once the standard command output relays this information well enough.

      An update is in progress for 59m13s: Unable to apply 4.14.1: the cluster operator control-plane-machine-set is not available
        Reason: ClusterOperatorNotAvailable
        Message: Cluster operator control-plane-machine-set is not available

      The above is CVO condition message: we should remove once all information it presents is presented in the actual new status output.

      Definition of Done

      None of this specially processed CVO / ClusterVersion condition content is emitted, the first section in the output is "= Control Plane =". We should only do this if any of its possible content is already surfaced via an assessment or a health insight.

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