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Add control plane node status to the "upgrade status" output


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      Add node status as mentioned in the sample output to "oc adm upgrade status".

      With this output, users will be able to see the state of the nodes that are part of the master machine config pool and what version of RHCOS they are currently on. I am not sure if it is possible to also show corresponding OCP version. If possible we should display that as well.

      Control Plane Node(s)
      NAME                                ASSESSMENT        PHASE              VERSION   	 
      ip-10-0-128-174.ec2.internal        Complete          Updated   	 4.12.16   
      ip-10-0-142-240.ec2.internal        Progressing       Rebooting          -   		  
      ip-10-0-137-108.ec2.internal        Outdated   	      Pending   	 4.12.1   	    

      Definition of done:

      • Add code to get similar output as listed above. if a particular field/column needs more work, create separate Jira cards.

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