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      WASM integration test is failing on Z arch:

      This is seen on the proxy log for the httpbin pod:

      2021-09-07T17:11:51.327902Z     error   envoy wasm      Function: proxy_on_configure failed: Uncaught RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds
      Proxy-Wasm plugin in-VM backtrace:
        0:  0x1aa1 - _ZN10serde_json5value2de77_$LT$impl$u20$serde..de..Deserialize$u20$for$u20$serde_json..value..Value$GT$11deserialize17hb4f81bdbc27fce53E.llvm.10413096860284390022
        1:  0x17fa - _ZN10serde_json2de10from_slice17had30ef6d3adf186fE
        2:  0x64a0 - _ZN97_$LT$header_append_filter..HeaderAppendRootContext$u20$as$u20$proxy_wasm..traits..RootContext$GT$12on_configure17h5f96597ce1e2a394E
        3:  0xfffa - _ZN10proxy_wasm10dispatcher10Dispatcher12on_configure17h4a9f78f0de537835E
        4:  0x1220a - proxy_on_configure
      2021-09-07T17:11:51.327927Z     error   envoy wasm      Wasm VM failed Failed to configure base Wasm plugin
      2021-09-07T17:11:51.328771Z     critical        envoy wasm      Plugin configured to fail closed failed to load

      Note that the same test passes on x86. This could be a bug in the extension itself or in the proxy binary. Needs investigation.

      This is the source code of the extension that is installed as part of this test: https://github.com/maistra/header-append-filter/

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