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backport opm server change to use pre-existent cache


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    • [OLM-225] FBC - Qubernetes
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      This story was split from the v4.12 effort (OLM-2726) to provide opm serve caching functionality in downstream, and will stay open until we verify that the correct opm version has been released in a v4.11 z-stream.  

      This should give the CLOUDDST team the ability to gate their activity once we have confidence the tool is generally available, while allowing OLM team to progress on 4.12 objectives.






      Jira Description

      As an OPM maintainer, I want to downstream the PR for (OCP 4.12 ) and backport it to OCP 4.11 so that IIB will NOT be impacted by the changes when it upgrades the OPM version to use the next/future opm upstream release (v1.25.0).

      Summary / Background

      IIB(the downstream service that manages the indexes) uses the upstream version and if they bump the OPM version to the next/future (v1.25.0) release with this change before having the downstream images updated then: the process to manage the indexes downstream will face issues and it will impact the distributions. 

      Acceptance Criteria

      • The changes in the PR are available for the releases which uses FBC -> OCP 4.11, 4.12

      Definition of Ready

      • PRs merged into downstream OCP repos branches 4.11/4.12

      Definition of Done

      • We checked that the downstream images are with the changes applied (i.e.: we can try to verify in the same way that we checked if the changes were in the downstream for the fix OLM-2639 )

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