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Operator Authors have a clean veneer for releasing bundles (File based config/declarative config)


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      Epic Goal

      • Allow Operator Authors to easily change the layout of the update graph in a single location so they can version/maintain/release it via git and have more approachable controls about graph vertices than today's replaces, skips and/or skipRange taxonomy
      • Allow Operators authors to have control over channel and bundle channel membership

      Why is this important?

      • The imperative catalog maintenance approach so far with opm is being moved to a declarative format (OLM-2127 and OLM-1780) moving away from bundle-level controls but the update graph properties are still attached to a bundle
      • We've received feedback from the RHT internal developer community that maintaining and reasoning about the graph in the context of a single channel is still too hard, even with visualization tools
      • making the update graph easily changeable is important to deliver on some of the promises of declarative index configuration
      • The current interface for declarative index configuration still relies on skips, skipRange and replaces to shape the graph on a per-bundle level - this is too complex at a certain point with a lot of bundles in channels, we need to something at the package level


      1. An Operator author wants to release a new version replacing the latest version published previously
      2. After additional post-GA testing an Operator author wants to establish a new update path to an existing released version from an older, released version
      3. After finding a bug post-GA an Operator author wants to temporarily remove a known to be problematic update path
      4. An automated system wants to push a bundle inbetween an existing update path as a result of an Operator (base) image rebuild (Freshmaker use case)
      5. A user wants to take a declarative graph definition and turn it into a graphical image for visually ensuring the graph looks like they want
      6. An Operator author wants to promote a certain bundle to an additional / different channel to indicate progress in maturity of the operator.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • The declarative format has to be user readable and terse enough to make quick modifications
      • The declarative format should be machine writeable (Freshmaker)
      • The update graph is declared and modified in a text based format aligned with the declarative config
      • it has to be possible to add / removes edges at the leave of the graph (releasing/unpublishing a new version)
      • it has to be possible to add/remove new vertices between existing edges (releasing/retracting a new update path)
      • it has to be possible to add/remove new edges in between existing vertices (releasing/unpublishing a version inbetween, freshmaker user case)
      • it has to be possible to change the channel member ship of a bundle after it's published (channel promotion)
      • CI - MUST be running successfully with tests automated
      • it has to be possible to add additional metadata later to implement OLM-2087 and OLM-259 if required

      Dependencies (internal and external)

      1. Declarative Index Config (OLM-2127)

      Previous Work:

      1. Declarative Index Config (OLM-1780)

      Related work

      Open questions:

      1. What other manipulation scenarios are required?
        1. Answer: deprecation of content in the spirit of OLM-2087
        2. Answer: cross-channel update hints as described in OLM-2059 if that implementation requires it


      When working on this Epic, it's important to keep in mind this other potentially related Epic: https://issues.redhat.com/browse/OLM-2276


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