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[feature] Investigate validating multi-arch ARM64 environments


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      This card needs refinement

      We have been asked to consider certifying multiarch environments (e.g. x86 and ARM).

      More detail is needed before we spike:

      1. What are the architectures specifically being asked about?
      2. How are the nodes divided across architectures (e.g. x86 control plane and ARM compute?)
      3. Depending on the other architecture being used can we align with another team for help and expertise?

      Some preliminary thoughts on what we need to spike on:

      1. Can we support multi-arch cluster deployment with existing CLI tool/Sonobuoy implementation?
      2. What work will need to be done to build multi-arch container images in OPCT CI?
      3. What binaries built by OPCT needs to be built/ship in amd64?


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