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Support to load PipelineRuns and Logs also from Tekton Results


    • Migration of Pipeline History and Logs to Tekton Results
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    • OCPSTRAT-843 - Provide better insights into OpenShift Pipeline runs
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    • OCPSTRAT-843Provide better insights into OpenShift Pipeline runs
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      • Pipeline history and logs are available in dashboard for an extended time window without requiring PipelineRun CRs on the cluster

      Epic goals

      • Extend availability of PipelineRun history and logs beyond availability of respective custom resources on the cluster

      Why is it important?

      • Customers require access to pipeline history and logs for extended periods of time due to audit and troubleshooting requirements. Access to pipeline history is currently limited to the custom resources that are available on the cluster which creates an enormous burden on etcs, storage and OpenShift api server overall leading to reduced performance of the cluster.

      Acceptance criteria

      • Pipeline history in the dashboard displays all pipelinerun available Tekton Results data
      • When user clicks on a PipelineRun, the details and logs are displayed based on the data from Tekton Results

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