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Allow user to set the timeout and custom image when initially bringing up the Web Terminal


    • Allow user to set the timeout period when initially bringing up the Web Terminal
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      There's no way in the UI for the user to

      • change the timeout period for a Web Terminal
      • Allow them to select from an image repository


      Expose the customization through the UI which is available in wtoctl

      Acceptance criteria:

      1. Sticky button for the web terminal drawer
      2. Add a sentence that has 2 adv options links in it ( similar to our Adv options in import from git)
      3. Clicking on an adv option should scroll that to the top admin
      4. The timeout field should have an info icon with a tooltip
      5. Need to identify if it's 1 or 2 spinners, or how to input the timeout information
      6. All users should see the same form when initiating the web terminal ( verify with Angel )
      7. Be sure to provide appropriate default namespace for the cluster admin (openshift-terminal)

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