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Improve the Helm page to include both Releases and Repositories


    • Improve the Helm page to include both Releases and Repositories
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      Currently we have a disjointed experience to be able to see Helm related resources.


      Provide a single Helm page, which incorporates a tab for Repository CRUD as well as the existing Releases tab.
      Provide a single place where users can go to manage their helm chart repositories. This should include view, edit, create and delete.

      Why is it important?

      Improve the user experience with Helm Charts

      Acceptance criteria:

      1. User is able to select the Helm navigation item, and see two tabs: Releases & Repositories
      2. Repositories tab
        1. User is able to see a list of the existing Helm Chart Repositories in the Repositories tab, and is able to easily distinguish which repos are cluster vs namespace scoped
        2. User is able to use the form driven creation flow to add a Helm Chart Repository from this Repositories tab
        3. User is able to create either a Cluster scoped or Namespace scoped Helm Chart repository, provided they have appropriate access.
        4. User is able to delete any helm chart repositories, provided they have access.
        5. User is able to update any existing helm chart repo, provided they have access.
        6. Default type should be project scoped
      3. Create Helm Chart Repo form should support both project & namespace
      4. Edit Helm Chart should bring up the same form, but the section which allows you to selected between project/cluster should be hidden
      5. Capture telemetry events for Creation options

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