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Add page redesign & Admin configuration (hide only)


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      Today, the +Add page in the OpenShift Dev Perspective has pre-defined content in it. Some operators (OpenShift Pipelines & OpenShift Serverless) add cards to the Add page. Admins should be able to remove any pre-defined cards in the Add page,

      In the future admins should also be able to add their own cards (question is, what actions could those cards take?)


      This should also include a redesign of the Add page



      Exploration Results


      Artifacts from Epic Exploration can be found in this drive
      – Update this list after Epic Exploration

      1. GA feature, thus should be properly documented
      2. GA feature, thus need to provide enablement
      3. Include in what's new RHD blog
      4. Consider for stretch RHD blog

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. As an admin, I should be able to hide any of the entrypoints from the Add page
        1. As a user, if a users hides any of our subcatalogs (event sources for example), it should be hidden from both the Add page and the Developer Catalog type section
        2. Provide a code snippet
      2. As a user, when coming to the Add page, I should be able to view grouping of related content

      Design Artifacts

      Slack Channel



      1. Do this consistently with how we did Dev Catalog category customization * console operator config (Console resource in the openshift-console namespace)

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