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Optimize & Enhance Etcd's Functionality, Performance, and Manageability w/ Hosted Control Planes


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      The primary objective of this initiative is to enhance the functionality, performance, and manageability of Etcd within the HCP formfactor of OpenShift environment. This will lay the groundwork for more stable and efficient system operations for all management models of HCP (self/managed), ultimately improving data integrity and reliability. 

      Benefit Hypothesis:

      • For Red Hat: Improved system reliability and performance, reduced operational overhead, and enhanced data security which will significantly lower the total cost of ownership.
        • Defrag = better data compression = less storage = less $$$ 
        • Reduce chance of failure = less Time To Root Cause (TTRC) = less $$$
        • Parity with standalone OpenShift = better UX & Consistency = retenstion = $$$
        • Better backup & recovery = improved resilience = better UX + less TTRC = less $$$ spent on OPEX and more $$$ gained via retention. 
      • For Customers: Increased system uptime, improved performance, and better data protection which are crucial for business continuity and compliance.



      • Add any resources (docs, slides, etc.) pertinent to the definition of the work. These might not be known until later. Update as necessary.


      • Dev: Responsible for designing, implementing, and testing the Etcd enhancements.
      • QE: iterate over what dev did to make sure etcd is sound.

      Success Criteria

      Ideally we should be able to quantify the improvements in:

      • Disk metrics = reduce latencies 
      • Peer latency 

      More information: https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/4.13/scalability_and_performance/recommended-performance-scale-practices/recommended-etcd-practices.html 

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