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Apply user defined tags to all resources created by OpenShift (GCP) GA



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    • OCPSTRAT-850Audibility of cloud resources that OpenShift (cluster) creates
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      Feature Overview

      Create a GCP cloud specific spec.resourceTags entry in the infrastructure CRD. This should create and update tags (or labels in GCP) on any openshift cloud resource that we create and manage. The behaviour should also tag existing resources that do not have the tags yet and once the tags in the infrastructure CRD are changed all the resources should be updated accordingly.

      Tag deletes continue to be out of scope, as the customer can still have custom tags applied to the resources that we do not want to delete.

      Due to the ongoing intree/out of tree split on the cloud and CSI providers, this should not apply to clusters with intree providers (!= "external").

      Once confident we have all components updated, we should introduce an end2end test that makes sure we never create resources that are untagged.


      • Functionality on GCP GA
      • inclusion in the cluster backups
      • flexibility of changing tags during cluster lifetime, without recreating the whole cluster


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      List any affected packages or components.

      • Installer
      • Cluster Infrastructure
      • Storage
      • Node
      • NetworkEdge
      • Internal Registry
      • CCO


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