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[TechPreview]Disconnected Cluster Update and Boot without local image registry


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    • I am marking this for TE as this process and our oc-mirroring process may conflict with one another and support will need to know when to suggest which situation.

      Feature Overview

      Note: This feature will be a TechPreview in 4.16 since the newly introduced API must graduate to v1.

      Overarching Goal

      Customers should be able to update and boot a cluster without a container registry in disconnected environments. This feature is for Baremetal disconnected cluster.


      • For a single node cluster effectively cut off from all other networking, update the cluster despite the lack of access to image registries, local or remote.
      • For multi-node clusters that could have a complete power outage, recover smoothly from that kind of disruption, despite the lack of access to image registries, local or remote.
      • Allow cluster node(s) to boot without any access to a registry in case all the required images are pinned


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