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Support external DNS for OpenShift on Cloud Providers (Phase I)


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      Feature Overview

      • Use customer managed DNS solution instead of only specific openshift-install supported DNS services (such as AWS Route53, Google Cloud DNS, etc...) for OpenShift IPI deployments into supported cloud providers.


      • Enable customers to deploy full stack automated OpenShift on different cloud providers using their own DNS service instead of the cloud provider (AWS Route 53, Google Cloud DNS, etc...) one.


      • Installation support for performing an installer-provisioned infrastructure deployment to AWS, GCP and Azure (and any other additional cloud provider supported by the time this is implemented) using an external DNS service.


      (Optional) Use Cases

      This Section:

      • As an administrator, I would like to deploy OpenShift 4 clusters to supported cloud providers leveraging my custom DNS service.

      Background, and strategic fit

      This Section: While cloud-based DNS services provide convenient hostname management, there's a number of regulatory (ITAR) and operational constraints customers face prohibiting the use of those DNS hosting services on public cloud providers.


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      Customer Considerations

      • ...

      Documentation Considerations

      Questions to be addressed:

      • What educational or reference material (docs) is required to support this product feature? For users/admins? Other functions (security officers, etc)? User/admin documentation on requirements and how to use the capability while installing a new cluster.
      • Does this feature have doc impact? Yes, documentation on required steps to be done by the user will be required
      • Updates to existing content
      • What concepts do customers need to understand to be successful in [action]? Required DNS entries (api and api-int) while deploying an OCP cluster
      • How do we expect customers will use the feature? For what purpose(s)? Customers will use this feature to be complaint with their security rules when they are not allowed to use cloud dns services like Route 53 or others and must rely on their own DNS service.
      • Is there source material that can be used as reference for the Technical Writer in writing the content? No
      • What is the doc impact (New Content, Updates to existing content, or Release Note)? Updates to existing content

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