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Support IPv6 Hosted Cluster Deployments with HyperShift


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      Feature Overview

      Enable support for deploying a HostedCluster using an IPv6 network, ensuring the successful start of the control plane and resolving the issue with the etcd pod crash.


      Currently, deploying a HostedCluster using an IPv6 network results in the failure of the control plane (e.g., the etcd pods). This feature aims to ensure that issues when using IPv6 with HCP are addressed to enable successful HostedCluster deployments with IPv6 networking.

      Additionally stated reasons for the development:


      • Allow users to deploy a HostedCluster using IPv6 networking parameters.
      • Ensure the control plane starts properly, without any crash or failure


      • Update the networking parameters for the HostedCluster to include IPv6 network configurations.
      • Modify the control plane components to handle IPv6 addresses properly.
      • Validate and sanitize the input URLs to ensure they adhere to the correct format.
      • Implement error handling and logging mechanisms to address any issues related to IPv6 networking.
      • Document the changes and provide clear instructions for users on how to deploy a HostedCluster with IPv6 networking.

      Out of Scope:

      • Non-HostedCluster deployments.
      • Features unrelated to IPv6 networking for the HostedCluster.

      Documentation Considerations:

      • Document the steps and requirements for deploying a HostedCluster with IPv6 networking.
      • Provide clear instructions on configuring the networking parameters for IPv6.
      • Include troubleshooting guides for common issues related to IPv6 deployments.

      Additional documentation

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