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[Dev Preview] OpenShift on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Bare metal


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      BU Priority Overview

      Enable installation and lifecycle support of OpenShift 4 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Bare metal


      • Validating OpenShift on OCI baremetal to make it officially supported. 
      • Enable installation of OpenShift 4 on OCI bare metal using Assisted Installer.
      • Provide published installation instructions for how to install OpenShift on OCI baremetal
      • OpenShift 4 on OCI baremetal can be updated that results in a cluster and applications that are in a healthy state when update is completed.
      • Telemetry reports back on clusters using OpenShift 4 on OCI baremetal for connected OpenShift clusters (e.g. platform=external or none + some other indicator to know it's running on OCI baremetal).

      Use scenarios

      • As a customer, I want to run OpenShift Virtualization on OpenShift running on OCI baremetal.
      • As a customer, I want to run Oracle BRM on OpenShift running OCI baremetal.

      Why is this important

      • Customers who want to move from on-premises to Oracle cloud baremetal
      • OpenShift Virtualization is currently only supported on baremetal


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      Requirement Notes
      OCI Bare Metal Shapes must be certified with RHEL It must also work with RHCOS (see iSCSI boot notes)
      CI - MUST be running successfully with test automation This is a requirement for ALL features.
      Release Technical Enablement Provide necessary release enablement details and documents.



      • RFE-3635 - Supporting Openshift on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI) & Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA)

      OCI Bare Metal Shapes to be supported

      Any bare metal Shape to be supported with OCP has to be certified with RHEL.

      From the certified Shapes, those that have local disks will be supported. This is due to the current lack of support in RHCOS for the iSCSI boot feature. OCPSTRAT-749 is tracking adding this support and remove this restriction in the future.

      As of Aug 2023 this excludes at least all the Standard shapes, BM.GPU2.2 and BM.GPU3.8, from the published list at: https://docs.oracle.com/en-us/iaas/Content/Compute/References/computeshapes.htm#baremetalshapes 


      • Pre-requisite: RHEL certification which includes RHEL and OCI baremetal shapes (instance types) has successfully completed.





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