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vSphere Zonal - Multiple datacenter, single vCenter support for vSphere IPI and UPI (GA)


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      As an Infrastructure Administrator, I want to deploy OpenShift on vSphere with supervisor (aka Masters) and worker nodes (from a MachineSet) across multiple vSphere data centers and multiple vSphere clusters using full stack automation (IPI) and user provided infrastructure (UPI).



      Install OpenShift on vSphere using IPI / UPI in multiple vSphere data centers (regions) and multiple vSphere clusters in 1 vCenter, all in the same IPv4 subnet (in the same physical location).

      • Kubernetes Region contains vSphere datacenter and (single) vCenter name
      • Kubernetes Zone contains vSphere cluster, resource pool, datastore, network (port group)

      Out of scope

      • There are no support the conversion of a non-zonal configuration (i.e. an existing OpenShift installation without 1+ zones) to a zonal configuration (1+ zones), but zonal UPI installation by the Infrastructure Administrator is permitted.

      Scenarios for consideration:

      • OpenShift in vSphere across different zones to avoid single points of failure, whereby each node is in different ESX clusters within the same vSphere datacenter, but in different networks.
      • OpenShift in vSphere across multiple vSphere datacenter, while ensuring workers and masters are spread across 2 different datacenter in different subnets. (RFE-845, RFE-459).

      Acceptance criteria:

      • Ensure vSphere IPI can successfully be deployed with ODF across the 3 zones (vSphere clusters) within the same vCenter [like we do with AWS, GCP & Azure].
      • Ensure zonal configuration in vSphere using UPI is documented and tested.


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