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Onboarding New Providers/Platforms (Phase 1)


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      OCP/Telco Definition of Done
      Feature Template descriptions and documentation.
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      Feature Overview

      • As RH OpenShift Product Owners, we want to enable new providers/platforms/service with varying levels of capabilities and integration with minimal reliance on OpenShift Engineering.
      • As a new provider/platform partner, I want to enable my solution (hardware and/or software) with OpenShift with minimal effort.



      • It is currently challenging for us to enable new platforms / providers without taking the heavy burden on doing the platform specific development ourselves.


      • We want to enable the long-tail new platforms/providers to expand our reach into new markets and/or support new use cases.
      • We want to remove strict dependencies we have on Engineering teams to review, support and test new providers.
      • We want to lower the effort required for onboarding new platforms/providers.
      • We want to enable new platform/providers to self-certify.
      • We want to define tiered model for provider/platform integration that delineates ownership and responsibilities throughout new provider/platform development lifecycle and support model.
      • We want to reduce time to onboard new provider/platform – ideally to a single release.
      • We want to maintain consistent customer experience across all providers/platforms.


      • Step-by-step guide on how to add a new platform/provider for each tier
      • Certification tool for partner to self-certify
      • Certification tool results for (at least) each Y/minor release submitted by partner to Red Hat for acknowledgement
      • DCI program to enable partners to run CI with OpenShift on their platform
      • Well documented, accessible, and up-to-date test suites for providing the test coverage of the partner
      • CI includes upgrade testing of OpenShift with partner's components
      • Partner component upgrade failure should not block OpenShift upgrade
      • Partner code is available in repositories in the openshift org on github with an open source license compatible with OpenShift


      Requirement Notes isMvp?
      CI - MUST be running successfully with test automation This is a requirement for ALL features. YES
      Release Technical Enablement Provide necessary release enablement details and documents. YES

      (Optional) Use Cases

      This Section:

      • Main success scenarios - high-level user stories
      • Alternate flow/scenarios - high-level user stories
      • ...

      Questions to answer…

      • ...

      Out of Scope

      Background, and strategic fit

      This Section: What does the person writing code, testing, documenting need to know? What context can be provided to frame this feature.


      • ...

      Customer Considerations

      • ...

      Documentation Considerations

      Questions to be addressed:

      • What educational or reference material (docs) is required to support this product feature? For users/admins? Other functions (security officers, etc)?
      • Does this feature have doc impact?
      • New Content, Updates to existing content, Release Note, or No Doc Impact
      • If unsure and no Technical Writer is available, please contact Content Strategy.
      • What concepts do customers need to understand to be successful in [action]?
      • How do we expect customers will use the feature? For what purpose(s)?
      • What reference material might a customer want/need to complete [action]?
      • Is there source material that can be used as reference for the Technical Writer in writing the content? If yes, please link if available.
      • What is the doc impact (New Content, Updates to existing content, or Release Note)?



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