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GCP: Create .spec file to build gcr credential provider plugin


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      User Story

      As an openshift maintainer I want our build tooling to produce the gcr credential provider plugin so that it can be distributed in RHCOS to be used by kubelet.


      We need to ship the gcr credential provider via an rpm, so it is available to kubelet when it first starts.

      To ship an rpm we must create a .spec file that provides information on how the package should be built


      A working example for AWS is provided in this PR: https://github.com/openshift/cloud-provider-aws/pull/63


      • Copy the .spec file from the AWS PR
      • Set up rpmbuild and rpmlint locally (proably running in a conatiner). This is a good introduction to the process.
      • Get the .spec file building locally: likely by calling make <target> in the %build section (you'll need to get a tarball for the source, and move it into `SOURCES`)
      • PR .spec to the root of `cloud-provider-gcp`


      • cluster-infra
      • workloads team

      Definition of Done

      • .spec building the gcp gcr credential plugin locally
      • PR to `cloud-provider-gcp`
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      • Testing
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