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Install new manifest generator tool in CAPI Providers repositories


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      User Story

      As an OpenShift engineerĀ I want the CAPI Providers repositories to use the new generator tool so that they can independently generate CAPI Provider transport ConfigMaps


      Once the new CAPI manifests generator tool is ready, we want to make use of that directly from the CAPI Providers repositories so we can avoid storing the generated configuration centrally and independently apply that based on the running platform.


      • Install new CAPI manifest generator as a go `tool` to all the CAPI provider repositories
      • Setup a make target under the `/openshift/Makefile` to invoke the generator. Make it output the manifests under `/openshift/manifests`
      • Make sure `/openshift/manifests` is mapped to `/manifests` in the openshift/Dockerfile, so that the files are later picked up by CVO
      • Make sure the manifest generation works by triggering a manual generation
      • Check in the newly generated transport ConfigMap + Credential Requests (to let them be applied by CVO)


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      • CAPI manifest generator tool is installedĀ 
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            ddonati@redhat.com Damiano Donati
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