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AdminPolicyBasedExternalRoute status.Status is not updated


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      Description of problem:


      seems the issue still here, test on 4.15.0-0.nightly-2023-12-04-223539, there is status.message for each zone, but there is no summarized status, so move to Assigned.
      apbexternalroute yaml file is:

      apiVersion: k8s.ovn.org/v1
      kind: AdminPolicyBasedExternalRoute
        name: default-route-policy
              kubernetes.io/metadata.name: test
          - ip: ""
          - ip: "" 

      and Status section as below:

      % oc get apbexternalroute
      NAME                   LAST UPDATE   STATUS
      default-route-policy   12s <--- still empty
      % oc describe apbexternalroute default-route-policy | tail -n 10
      Last Transition Time: 2023-12-06T02:12:11Z
      qiowang-120620-gtt85-master-2.c.openshift-qe.internal: configured external gateway IPs:,
      qiowang-120620-gtt85-master-0.c.openshift-qe.internal: configured external gateway IPs:,
      qiowang-120620-gtt85-worker-a-55fzx.c.openshift-qe.internal: configured external gateway IPs:,
      qiowang-120620-gtt85-master-1.c.openshift-qe.internal: configured external gateway IPs:,
      qiowang-120620-gtt85-worker-b-m98ms.c.openshift-qe.internal: configured external gateway IPs:,
      qiowang-120620-gtt85-worker-c-vtl8q.c.openshift-qe.internal: configured external gateway IPs:,
      Events: <none> 

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      2. customer issue / SD
      3. internal RedHat testing failure


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      • Please share a kubeconfig or creds to a live cluster for the assignee to debug/troubleshoot along with reproducer steps (specially if it's a telco use case like ICNI, secondary bridges or BM+kubevirt).


      If it is a CI failure:


      • Did it happen in different CI lanes? If so please provide links to multiple failures with the same error instance
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      • When did the failure start happening? Please provide the UTC timestamp of the networking outage window from a sample failure run
      • If it's a connectivity issue,
      • What is the srcNode, srcIP and srcNamespace and srcPodName?
      • What is the dstNode, dstIP and dstNamespace and dstPodName?
      • What is the traffic path? (examples: pod2pod? pod2external?, pod2svc? pod2Node? etc)


      If it is a customer / SD issue:


      • Provide enough information in the bug description that Engineering doesn’t need to read the entire case history.
      • Don’t presume that Engineering has access to Salesforce.
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      • Describe what each attachment is intended to demonstrate (failed pods, log errors, OVS issues, etc).  
      • Referring to the attached must-gather, sosreport or other attachment, please provide the following details:
        • If the issue is in a customer namespace then provide a namespace inspect.
        • If it is a connectivity issue:
          • What is the srcNode, srcNamespace, srcPodName and srcPodIP?
          • What is the dstNode, dstNamespace, dstPodName and  dstPodIP?
          • What is the traffic path? (examples: pod2pod? pod2external?, pod2svc? pod2Node? etc)
          • Please provide the UTC timestamp networking outage window from must-gather
          • Please provide tcpdump pcaps taken during the outage filtered based on the above provided src/dst IPs
        • If it is not a connectivity issue:
          • Describe the steps taken so far to analyze the logs from networking components (cluster-network-operator, OVNK, SDN, openvswitch, ovs-configure etc) and the actual component where the issue was seen based on the attached must-gather. Please attach snippets of relevant logs around the window when problem has happened if any.
      • For OCPBUGS in which the issue has been identified, label with “sbr-triaged”
      • For OCPBUGS in which the issue has not been identified and needs Engineering help for root cause, labels with “sbr-untriaged”
      • Note: bugs that do not meet these minimum standards will be closed with label “SDN-Jira-template”

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