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Azure - OCP IPI Installation UDP packets are subject to SNAT with LB Service using ETP equals to Local (OVN-Kubernetes as CNI)


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    • Users can now use a new way to configure session affinity without a timeout in OVNK which is to set the timeout to 86400 seconds, in which case affinity is treat like permanent unless we have network disruptions like endpoints or nodes going down.
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    • customers who need session affinity

      UDP Packets are subject to SNAT in a self-managed OCP 4.13.13 cluster on Azure (OVN-K as CNI) using a Load Balancer Service with `externalTrafficPolicy: Local`. UDP Packets correctly arrive to the Node hosting the Pod but the source IP seen by the Pod is the OVN GW Router of the Node.

      I've reproduced the customer scenario with the following steps:

      This is issue is very critical because it is blocking customer business.

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