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[4.11] ETCD Operator goes degraded when a second internal node ip is added


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      This is a clone of issue OCPBUGS-1354. The following is the description of the original issue:

      This was originally reported in BZ as https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2046335

      Description of problem:

      The issue reported here https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1954121 still occur (tested on OCP 4.8.11, the CU also verified that the issue can happen even with OpenShift 4.7.30, 4.8.17 and 4.9.11)

      How reproducible:

      Attach a NIC to a master node will trigger the issue

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Deploy an OCP cluster (I've tested it IPI on AWS)
      2. Attach a second NIC to a running master node (in my case "ip-10-0-178-163.eu-central-1.compute.internal")

      Actual results:

      $ oc get node ip-10-0-178-163.eu-central-1.compute.internal -o json | jq ".status.addresses"

      { "address": "", "type": "InternalIP" }


      { "address": "", "type": "InternalIP" }


      { "address": "ip-10-0-178-163.eu-central-1.compute.internal", "type": "Hostname" }


      { "address": "ip-10-0-178-163.eu-central-1.compute.internal", "type": "InternalDNS" }


      $ oc get co etcd
      etcd 4.8.11 True False True 31h

      $ oc get co etcd -o json | jq ".status.conditions[0]"

      { "lastTransitionTime": "2022-01-26T15:47:42Z", "message": "EtcdCertSignerControllerDegraded: [x509: certificate is valid for, not, x509: certificate is valid for ::1,,, ::1, not]", "reason": "EtcdCertSignerController_Error", "status": "True", "type": "Degraded" }


      Expected results:

      To have the certificate valid also for the second IP (the newly created one "")

      Additional info:

      Deleting the following secrets seems to solve the issue:
      $ oc get secret n openshift-etcd | grep kubernetes.io/tls | grep ^etcd
      etcd-client kubernetes.io/tls 2 61s
      etcd-peer-ip-10-0-132-49.eu-central-1.compute.internal kubernetes.io/tls 2 61s
      etcd-peer-ip-10-0-178-163.eu-central-1.compute.internal kubernetes.io/tls 2 61s
      etcd-peer-ip-10-0-202-187.eu-central-1.compute.internal kubernetes.io/tls 2 60s
      etcd-serving-ip-10-0-132-49.eu-central-1.compute.internal kubernetes.io/tls 2 60s
      etcd-serving-ip-10-0-178-163.eu-central-1.compute.internal kubernetes.io/tls 2 59s
      etcd-serving-ip-10-0-202-187.eu-central-1.compute.internal kubernetes.io/tls 2 59s
      etcd-serving-metrics-ip-10-0-132-49.eu-central-1.compute.internal kubernetes.io/tls 2 58s
      etcd-serving-metrics-ip-10-0-178-163.eu-central-1.compute.internal kubernetes.io/tls 2 59s
      etcd-serving-metrics-ip-10-0-202-187.eu-central-1.compute.internal kubernetes.io/tls 2 58s

      $ oc get secret n openshift-etcd | grep kubernetes.io/tls | grep ^etcd | awk '

      {print $1}

      ' | xargs -I {} oc delete secret {} -n openshift-etcd
      secret "etcd-client" deleted
      secret "etcd-peer-ip-10-0-132-49.eu-central-1.compute.internal" deleted
      secret "etcd-peer-ip-10-0-178-163.eu-central-1.compute.internal" deleted
      secret "etcd-peer-ip-10-0-202-187.eu-central-1.compute.internal" deleted
      secret "etcd-serving-ip-10-0-132-49.eu-central-1.compute.internal" deleted
      secret "etcd-serving-ip-10-0-178-163.eu-central-1.compute.internal" deleted
      secret "etcd-serving-ip-10-0-202-187.eu-central-1.compute.internal" deleted
      secret "etcd-serving-metrics-ip-10-0-132-49.eu-central-1.compute.internal" deleted
      secret "etcd-serving-metrics-ip-10-0-178-163.eu-central-1.compute.internal" deleted
      secret "etcd-serving-metrics-ip-10-0-202-187.eu-central-1.compute.internal" deleted

      $ oc get co etcd -o json | jq ".status.conditions[0]"

      { "lastTransitionTime": "2022-01-26T15:52:21Z", "message": "NodeControllerDegraded: All master nodes are ready\nEtcdMembersDegraded: No unhealthy members found", "reason": "AsExpected", "status": "False", "type": "Degraded" }


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