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Propose Batching datamover w/ volsync


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      Potentially seeing issues w/ volsync running more than 10 volumes at a time in https://issues.redhat.com/browse/OADP-969


      Definition of the problem...

      Batching.  Batching can help optimize backups and restore for performance as opposed to: 

      • as 1.1.1 running b/r in serial
      • as proposed initially in 1.2 to ungovern the number of b/r at once and have openshift govern the # of processes, tasks, containers, pods.

      The performance team in the context of Bell labs performance came up w/ an optimal 12 volumes as a batch size.




      A potential solution could be implemented in the following.

      • can be done in velero  
        • this may be slow and too slow for oadp-1.2
      • can be done only in the data mover plugin
        • we control the work here.

      If we do this on the data mover plugin:


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