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Replace the single VM import wizard in OpenShift Virtualization with MTV in the OpenShift UI



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      Replace the single VM import wizard in OpenShift Virtualization with MTV in the OpenShift UI.


      Users find the default tool and try to use it for large scale migrations. 


      Replace single VM import with MTV. Have MTV installed along OpenShift Virtualization or provide a visual direct way to install it. Keep a simplified interface in MTV for first use.


      • Bug 1963682 - [RFE] Simplify MTV installation by creating the Forklift Controller automatically
      • From email “Removing Single VM from CNV in favor of MTV”:
        Fabien: "The biggest hurdle we have here is the installation of MTV which requires to install a new operator, wait for the deployment to complete and find the route to access the UI. From a UX point of view, this could be done from CNV if we wanted. CNV could have a button/option to deploy the latest MTV version available in the Red Hat catalog source. When triggered, waiting for MTV to be installed could be hidden by a spinner and the route could be used as a link that opens MTV UI in a new tab. It's just an idea from the top of my head."
      • Also what about running MTV when the single RHV/VMware VM import is clicked? 
      • How to provide a easy way to have MTV installed but, at the same time enable the multi-cluster management in MTV
      •  Keep all assets from Plan until it's archived MTV-32
      • Must-gather targeted collection of data MTV-31
      • CNV UI: replace VM Import feature with an MTV reference CNV-7576




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