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Implement switching to metrics-server


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      Following points to consider to implement for switching to metrics-server:

      • Add this feature in Tech-Preview mode
      • Config option to switch metrics-server: https://issues.redhat.com/browse/MON-3214
        • enable-metrics-server by switching to TechPreviewNoUpgrade mode
      • Flow of creating/deleting objects:
        • Deploy metrics-server
        • Verify metrics-server resource metrics api is working
        • Update APIService object to point to metrics-server
        • Delete prometheus-adapter resources
      • Deploy in HA mode (2 replicas which is the case for all components we deploy)


      Acceptance Criteria:

      • we have a PR in the CMO repo
      • we have a POC
      • people can start deploying it in their cluster

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            janantha@redhat.com Jayapriya Pai
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