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ci/prow/versions test keeps failing on release-xxx branches


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      The test runs `NTERACTIVE=false make versions && git diff --exit-code` on CMO.

      Downstream components versions don't get updated on z releases, so it makes no sense to check that z releases are using the latest
      versions from `master`: https://github.com/openshift/cluster-monitoring-operator/blob/d1179dcd3090bc31e3de08259c0c792a1f3a0061/hack/generate-versions.sh#L23.

      When a component version is patched in z release, its versions is kept as it is, thus there is no need to check for versions synchronization.

      The job is now defined for PR against `master` and any `release-xxx` branch.

      To disable it on `release-xxx` branches, there have 3 choices:

        1- Remove the definitions of this test in `ci-operator/config/.../yyy-release-xx.yaml` and regenerate the jobs defs. This would need to be done every time a new file for a new release is generated. (ACTUALLY, every time a version IS released)
        2- Adjust the test so it does nothing if it's run against a `release-xxx` branch. Add more hacky/clever bash code.
        3- Add a handcrafted ProwJob https://docs.ci.openshift.org/docs/how-tos/contributing-openshift-release/#handcrafted-jobs. But we'll need to maintain it ourselves.

      I'd go for 1 for all releases from 4.10 to 4.15, this will give me some time to think about the other 2 options (when I have some time I'd like to simplify some scripts in `hack/`and even rewrite them in Go, I've done something similar here https://github.com/machine424/cicdbox)


      For more context:

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